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Solid end of season performance by Edinburgh Ladies
Edinburgh University Ladies secured an important win over Kirkcaldy on Sunday in one of the last league games of the season. The University side has had a large number of players affected by injury, mainly due to an intense few weeks involving the BUSA championship, the SWRU league and the initial rounds of the SWRU cup competition. Several of the players in the starting line up were weary after an intense week involving a trip down to Exeter mid week and various levels of Scottish training on Saturday.
Kirkcaldy kicked off the game on an overcast and slightly damp afternoon giving the uni side initial possession. Within 5 minutes uni’s left wing Fiona Majorin had crossed the line to put the side in front 5-0. The try came after an initial break by centre Cat MacDonald from there own 22.
Sustained pressure from Kirkcaldy followed after the restart, with great defence from Edinburgh’s full back Anna Fleming. A high up and under kick by centre Rachel Collins led to a break by right wing Amy Morrison from Edinburgh’s 22. However Kirkcaldy applied the pressure again, never really leaving Edinburgh’s half. After a high kick over Edinburgh’s defence a five metre scrum was awarded to Kirkcaldy as uni failed to control the ball. After 15 minutes Kirkcaldy levelled the score, breaking after the scrum and crossing the line. Try converted by Val O’Neill; to take Kirkcaldy into the lead 7-5.
It wasn’t long before uni fullback Anna Fleming was making another break, this time after a successful lineout, the ball coming off the top and along the back line to the full back who cut a wonderful line. What followed was a period of good pressure from uni’s forward pack, led by Lucy Allen. Kirkcaldy were lucky to get a penalty, relieving the pressure and allowing them to kick up the field into uni’s half. There was an unlucky knock on and Kirkcaldy lost the ball after good defensive pressure by Fleming and Morrison. However Kirkcaldy managed to regain possession and cross the try line again. The try was again converted by O’Neill to make the score 14-5 to Kirkcaldy with ten minutes left of the half.
It wasn’t long before uni were piling on the pressure again and after an initial break by Claire Rassell the ball passed along the back line to winger Fiona Majorin who sprinted from the 10m line to score under the posts, breaking tackles as she went. That left the score 14-12 to Kirkcaldy at half time.
With uni kicking off the second half, Kirkcaldy’s half was where they were going to stay for the majority of the next 40 minutes. It wasn’t long before Majorin was making another cracking break after quick hands across the backs. Unfortunately she was shut down quickly by two Kirkcaldy players, the defence weary of giving her any room after her tries in the first half. Uni continued to attack the gain line and 15 minutes into the second half had a try held up by the whole of the Kirkcaldy team after a good drive off a 5m scrum.
Fresh on the field Cat Ward didn’t take long to make an impression, breaking the line after an initial run by number 10 Maddy Grant. Minutes later the Grant again made a break from the lineout to take uni to the 22m line.
A penalty was awarded to uni for hands in the ruck which Grant kicked into touch to take the uni side inside the 22. From this lineout uni remained strong, winning consecutive scrums on the 5m metre line, with all the forwards pushing towards the line. Unfortunately it was a backs day for the uni team, with Ward on the wing, eventually taking them over the line and into the lead again with just minutes left on the clock.
Uni didn’t give up however and made it back down to the try line, only to be stopped a few metres short for an infringement. And with that break in play the referee ends the game, Edinburgh University winning by 17-14.

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